The official language for the SDLAC 2019 Competition in Colombia is English, however, local language in Santiago de Cali is Spanish.
    • All deliverables should be submitted in English.
    • Jury tours shall be given in English, or in Spanish if the Jury agrees.
    • All teams shall be prepared to give tours to the public in Spanish and English. If support is required for this

requirement, teams must speak with the Competition Manager prior to arrival on the competition site.

  • The website shall have both English and Spanish versions.
  • If the organizers provided Spanish translations of any document, including the Rules, the English version

Takes precedence and is considered correct, should any disagreement on meaning or intent arise. The SDLAC 2019 Rules were designed to meet the Organization’s objectives and to promote a fair and interesting competition among teams.

The Rules have been adapted to meet the objectives and principles described above with emphasis on social housing and livability in tropical conditions. This document describes what each team needs to know to be competitive in the Solar Decathlon Latin America & Caribbean 2019 (SDLAC 2019).

It includes three sections:

SECTION 1. General Rules: includes rules related with the general aspects of the Competition, describing the organization, the participating teams, the site, the houses, the on-site contest and exhibition period, and the general requirements.

SECTION 2. Contests: defines the contests and sub-contests, including the scoring distribution, the contest evaluation criteria and the associated procedures.

SECTION 3. Deliverables: includes detailed information concerning all the documents, drawings and other materials that the teams must submit to the Organizers along with the submission dates and format requirements.

For more information, see the following documents:
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